It is our our purpose to raise funds only as much as needed to enhance the educational content of the band program. Fundraising pays for equipment and activities that are not covered under the curricular spending of Penncrest High School. Conversely, we do not fundraise to provide curricular materials as the school budget is the appropriate source for those materials.

Examples of things that we would raise funds for are: trips, clinicians, operating budgets for non-curricular ensembles such as Indoor Percussion, Winter Guard, or Jazz Band, additional staffing for those ensembles, and occasional enhancements to the program such as our storage container or our equipment trailer.

We strive to raise funds using activities that are consistent with the quality and the mission of the Penncrest band. When possible, the band members are to do the majority of the work. Products offered should be of the highest quality. And when possible, activities should benefit the community through service or by bringing a musical experience to our area.