Band is listed in the Penncrest Course Selection Guide under Music Courses.  All members of the Concert Band are also members of the Roaring Lions Marching Band.  The Marching Band performs at various parades and community events throughout the year, as well as all football games.  These activities are mandatory, as is Summer Band Camp and after school rehearsals.

The mission of the Band program is the teaching of comprehensive musicianship through performance.  Comprehensive musicianship encompasses the attitudes and behaviors that are promoted by participation in band, the development of technical skills needed to play an instrument in both an individual and ensemble setting, and the fostering of knowledge that enables one to appreciate and understand music as an art form.  The application of comprehensive musicianship takes place in the daily rehearsal of the ensemble and culminates in concert performances of the music being rehearsed.

Some performances take place during the school day, while others are held on weeknights and weekends.  Students should be aware that other classes will occassionally be missed for Band activities.  All activities are mandatory for all members.