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The Complex Adaptive Organization: Why Band Kids Get It

18 Lessons Marching Band Teaches Our Kids: A Parent’s Perspective


"Why take band in 9th grade?  Probably a common question, but one (which for me), has several easy answers.  First, there is probably no other subject you take in high school which will last your entire life.  When you learn to play an instrument, you have a talent which will have opportunities for as long as you live.  I can't say how often I've wished I continued my music - had I only known how many chances I'd miss because I stopped.  Second, transitions like moving to high school can be difficult.  But when you enter band, you are entering with friends you've had for many years - you enter together.  And you are joining a family of students who have made these same transitions, experienced these same fears.  They will accept you as you are and be glad you came.  And third, when you move to high school, you get to pick who you are going to become.  As a teacher and a parent, I've watched many students over the last 13 years.  The band students are the best of the best.  I want my kids to become what I've seen the band students are.  And you will too, if you want to be successful here at Penncrest.  The choice is easy:  JOIN BAND!"
~Magister Stevenson, Former Latin Instructor: Penncrest High School


"My older son played trumpet in the PHS band for four years and loved every minute (even the summer band camps) of the experience.  Over the years, my English students have written very favorably about the band experience.  The two-week summer band camp provides an opportunity for incoming ninth graders to bond with upperclassmen and form friendships that extend beyond summer and beyond band.  Ninth graders tell me that after band camp, the first day of school was much easier for them because they knew older students and were familiar with the school building and grounds.  Once the school year begins, band members enjoy the Friday night football games (marching on the field, playing and cheering in the stands, and having fun with bandmates), the excitement of band competitions, and the annual band trips, which are the culmination of a fun and work-packed year.  Once the band season is over, students eagerly look forward to the next school year and again being proud members of the Penncrest Roaring Lions Marching Band."
~Mrs. Bury, Retired English Teacher: Penncrest High School


"Joining the Penncrest Band not only made my freshman year 10x easier, but has made the following years that much easier as well.  Through band, I already knew a plethora of people going into my freshman year, so on my first day of school, I saw familiar faces and didn't feel as unwelcomed.  In the following year, the band represented a constant in the ever-changing high school world.  I could rely on the upperclassmen to help me out, not only with band related subjects, but with school and life in general.  You probably hear this a lot, but band is like a family and I can't stress that enough.  Yeah, we make good music, but the bonds you form with other people are incredible.  And quite honestly, we just have a darn good time!"
~Paul Barsz, former Penncrest Band participant


"Band, overall, is one of the best things you can be involved in in high school.  It helps you adjust when coming from middle school with all of the support from upperclassmen and the program as a whole.  I've always looked forward to band throughout the school day because it's a great time to take a break from school and just express yourself through music.  I couldn't possibly imagine life without band in high school."
~Scott Dabundo, former Penncrest Band Drum Major


 "When I was in 3rd grade and had to choose an instrument to play, I chose flute.  My mom was really happy because she said I'd be able to be in marching band when I went to high school.  At the time, I didn't really understand what was so special about marching band, or band in general.  As a freshman, I now know.  Band has taught me many things such as time management and how valuable one person is to the overall group.  I made many new friends at band camp and was relieved when, on the first day of school, I already recognized so many people.  Now, I not only have freshmen friends, but friends who are upperclassmen as well.  If you're on the fence about joining band, just do it because it will be one of the highlights of your high school experience!"
~Erica Westcott, former Penncrest Band Drum Major


"I can't speak highly enough about the Band Program at Penncrest.  Watching the field show develop from the concept to the award-winning program it became last year, made my heart swell with pride for the hard work and determination those kids put into it.  Learning the music, learning how to march and learning to do it simultaneously was rigorous - but I think it helped prepare my son for the rigors of high school.  Also, meeting all the upperclassmen during the summer at Band Camp really helped ease the transition into Penncrest.  By the first day, my son already knew his way around the school and had more than 50 new friends who were happy to help him navigate the hallways.  Another real benefit that veteran band parents had told me about but I didn't really appreciate until I had a child in high school is, you know where they are and who they're with pretty much all the time.  They're doing something band related, with band kids....and the band kids are exactly the kind of kids you want your kids to be with!"
~Freshman band parent


"The Penncrest Band has many benefits.  While still in 8th grade, it gave our daughter an introduction to high school to make the transition so much easier.  The kids in the band are taught to help each other and look out for each other, no matter what grade they are in.  As a result, our daughter made many new friends including sophomores, juniors and seniors.  The band is very inclusive and although the work is hard - it is fun!  They have fun whether they are at practice, football games, contests or trips to Florida!"
~Freshman band parent


"I have 2 children in band - including one who's in orchestra as her academic class and marching band and indoor drumline as extracurricular activities.  Band has been a phenomenal experience for both of them.  Band has provided them with a positive social network, leadership experience and new musical opportunities.  By the time they walked in the door on the first day of school, they already had over 100 new friends.  The band kids really have each other's backs.  Upperclassmen look out for the freshmen.  I can directly attribute the increase in my kids' maturity and responsibility to being a member of the band.  They have learned to rise to the occasion and not complain when situations are out of their control.  I couldn't be happier that my kids chose band at Penncrest."
~Freshman and upperclassman band parent


"One of the things my son was hesitant about was rumors that Mr. Snyder was tough.  We have found that the only thing he is really tough about is being on time.  But this is really a good thing, because it helps the kids become more responsible.  As far as grading goes, if a student doesn't test as well as he thinks he is capable, he has the opportunity to retest to improve his grade.  At the games and performances, Mr. Snyder encourages the kids to enjoy themselves, and they do!"
~Freshman band parent


"My Freshman son has gained so much from Penncrest Marching Band this year.  While his participation has surely enhanced his music skills, I think there have been even greater benefits.  Foremost is his increased sense of responsibility and discipline.  He has had to learn time management, which he desperately needed.  He has learned lessons like tardiness is not only a bad thing for the individual, but it affects the whole band.  Failure to prepare for a performance affects everyone.  And that leads to another great benefit of marching band - a sense of camaraderie!  The other band members, all ages/classes, are his friends and teammates.  They work hard together to make their team, the band, the best it can be.  They support and look out for each other and they have fun together.  And I think this is a GREAT bunch of kids!  I did not even have to ask my son if he wanted to be in band again next year.  It is obvious he loved it this year and is looking forward to continuing the experience."
~Freshman band parent


"My son enjoyed 8th grade band, but was considering not joining band in high school because students used to have to miss a class once a week for sectionals.  BUT, Penncrest modified their schedule this year so you could choose to do sectionals either during lunch or after school once in an 8 day week.  We are happy he is in band.  We can really see how he has grown as a musician."
~Freshman band parent