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Band Camp is held during the 2 weeks before the start of the school year
(see the schedule on the camp letter).

Band Camp is a great way to start your High School year.  If you are new to the Band program, not only will you get to know your Band peers and your music, you'll become familiar with the layout of the High School and associate with upperclassmen long before other Freshman or Rookies.  Once the first day of school rolls around, you'll navigate the hallways of Penncrest with more confidence than you can image! 

Tips for a successful Band Camp:

  • Pack a healthy lunch, snacks, and lots of water!  Don't forget sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or anything else you can think of  to protect you from the summer sun.
  • Bring your Drill binder and Drill markers everyday!
  • Paperwork: We must have a current medical form and the Co-Curricular Agreement on day 1.

More info is available on Mr. Snyder's Band Camp Letter!

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